About Us

It all started when…

Little Creek Sanitarium, Hospital and School from Tennessee, founded Laurelbrook Sanitarium and School in 1950 to perpetuate and expand the lay work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, commonly referred to as “the small self-supporting school”. This work began under the direct counsel of the Lord at the Madison School. These small schools are commonly called the ‘schools after the Madison order’.

These institutions were established primarily as training centers. The type of training based on the idea of teaching a person how to be self-supporting and at the same time maintain an active part in the lay missionary program of the church.

By the counsel of the Lord to the church we were given basic guidelines within which to construct such a training program. The main points being the school, agriculture, and medical missionary work. After 70 years, we continue to support these principles today.

Our Positioning Statement

For students who are looking for a strong Adventist education, Laurelbrook Academy is invested in creating an academic and working environment where spirituality thrives. Laurelbrook’s Christ-centered mission aims to draw students closer to Christ while teaching them useful skills and fostering a meaningful community.


acres of Forest & Mountain


self-supporting Seventh-day Adventist boarding school


years of history

Our Vision

To be leaders in preparing young people to serve where God calls them.

Our Mission

Laurelbrook Academy is a self-supporting Seventh-day Adventist boarding school located in the mountains of Dayton, Tennessee. It provides an environment which inspires students and staff to be fully engaged in a well-balanced, Bible-based educational experience that enables them to share and model Christ through:

Academic Excellence: authentic educational experiences that integrate theoretical with practical learning, and model problem-solving, life-management skills, and healthy lifestyles.

Vocational Training: basic building, mechanical, agricultural, and health-care training that equips students with skills and solid work ethics to thrive where God calls them.

Missionary Experience: International mission opportunities, health evangelism experience, and service-oriented projects that prepare students to serve God and our fellow men. Christ-centered character education which fosters a personal devotional life and servant leadership.

Our Core Values (the 6Cs)

1. Character development for an identity in Christ
2. Competence for success in real life situations
3. Creativity for God’s glory
4. Community to build deeper connections
5. Calling for a purpose
6. Christ-centered experiences

Our Positioning Statement

The Laurelbrook Sanitarium and School, Inc. & The Laurelbrook Constituency & Board of Directors.

In other words, as leaders, we want to develop character, competence, and creativity that will influence a community of people to reach God’s calling through he power of Christ.

Accredited By

ISEI – Education Association (recognized by the Tennessee Department of Education)
NCPSA – National Council for Private School Accreditation

Our Board Members

– Eva Lynne Disbro, Chairman of Board
– Maudie Westfall, Corp Secretary
– Warren McDaniels, LBA President
– Brian Traxler, NH Administrator
– Alexa Blair, Treasurer
– Danny Goodge
– Jeremy Shull
– Dr. Chester Clark, Jr
– Ed Lucas
– Wanda Sarr
– Robert Zollinger (Hon.)
– Keith Ferguson (Hon.)