Training for Real Life

At Laurelbrook Academy, we believe school should be about more than memorizing facts and reading textbooks. A true education prepares you for a life of usefulness and service. To give you this preparation, four hours of every school day are dedicated to both vocational training and life skills.

To ensure you get a chance to learn a variety of skills during your stay at Laurelbrook, students rotate through several areas of vocational training each year. By graduation, you will be able to say that you prepared entire meals, fixed cars in the body shop, and harvested plants in the greenhouses and garden. You may choose to become a CNA, a volunteer firefighter, or an auto mechanic. Vocational certificates are awarded for each vocational program you learn.

Lists for 2023/24

Vocational Programs

  1. Agriculture

  2. Cabinet Making

  3. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

  4. Firefighting

  5. Media Production

  6. Small Gas Engine

Life Skills

  1. Building Arts

  2. Environmental Services

  3. Food Service

  4. Grounds Management

  5. Office Procedures

  6. Outdoor Leadership Development

  7. Plant Services

  8. Community Outreach

3 years at Laurelbrook will give you the opportunity to have gone through 83% of the vocational programs listed above plus all life skills. 
4 years will give you the chance to have gone through 100% of the vocational programs, plus the opportunity to be a supervisor in the area of your choice.
For a graduate, it is a blessing to know that you are prepared for what lies ahead and have the skills you need to help in your community.


Are you ready to take the next step toward your future?